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The future of Leviathan

The future of Leviathan


  • Leviathan: The Cargo is suspended.
  • I am not interested in visual novel “Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade 2”.
  • Right now, I am working on new experimental project “Personal Justice” (working title).

Leviathan: The Cargo

This project is very big, and we were working on them without compromise. Unfortunately, it didn’t make enough money. It must generate about $5000 per month to continue development, but we can achieve this goal only for first months.

I think the main reasons are:

  1. We didn’t invest in marketing and can’t establish relationship with media. Also, we completely ignore advertisement and don’t spend a penny on promoting The Cargo.
  2. We have large part of our community that are waiting for “Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade 2”, and they were very disappointed in our new game, because we dramatically change a lot of things. That was a real shitstorm for us, because we receive a lot of hate comments.
  3. A lot of negative reviews were because we have to publish our game. My debts were too high (including credit for 40%-year interest rate, its normal rate for Russia), and I have no channels to borrow more money. When we started to fix problems with a game it was already too late because we were exsanguinated.

The game is suspended. I have no team. Only I left. The Cargo is my burden, I will finish it or it will finish me.

Is this the end?


Right now, I am working on new project “Personal Justice” and hope that this new format will work out. I will continue to work on Leviathan saga and that’s how I will step-by-step gather resources to finish The Cargo.

The Last Day of The Decade 2?

All Leviathan’s projects are one big cross-media novel, that begins from “The Last Day of The Decade”. During the development, my views has changed and I grow with my work. I don’t think that LDOD was a crown of creation, that is why I am always looking for new forms for different pieces of big Leviathan picture.

Below you can see how projects are compare to each other chronologically and how they complete the whole story:

Leviathan's games timeline

So, what about “Personal Justice”?

If you have played and finish “The Last Day of The Decade” you probably guessed who is the main character. In this project, I will explore the theme of sexual violence and the positions and roles of a family to victim and to the culprit. Project will be experimental, because I haven’t work in this format before. Hope you will enjoy it!

P.S. If you find mistakes please message me.