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The Cargo: Update 2

22 Jul 2016

We decided not to upload a new content this week. This decision was made because of your reviews. It also led us to an important conclusion: we'll spend more time on the main story updates and postpone all "dungeon-like" content.

So, what comes with a fresh update? This is a total improvement of all sides of the game. We also made some preparations to make game ready to release a new main story update next week. Moreover, we checked out your comments and letsplays/walkthroughs so we got an idea for a new route which will be also released soon.

Story map and overall progress

We remade the story map, now it comes with helpful tips and some visual improvements. Even now you can see how the main story plot divides into the two chapters: 4A and 4B. This branching brings some really significant changes into the story, and we hope it will make you happy (especially ones who played The Last Day Of The Decade).

We also pointed a new route on a story map. "How does it feel — to die by the Decade" — this is not a question anymore. Somebody may think that everything ends with the death of the protagonist but this is wrong: we plan to make this route really long.

Shooting part and controls

Now the gunfight became more dangerous and interesting. We also made some improvements to make it easier to play the Cargo on notebooks and MacBooks. Now left Alt (and Command for Mac users) works as the right mouse button.

Music and sounds

The new update brings a lot of improvements in sound and sound direction. It has become more complex that's why it takes a lot of time to make it work right. We've fixed a lot of sound bugs and now added the most part of sound, ambient, and music.

Other improvements:

  • The "Forty-niner" achievement now works,
  • Mech interface information disappearance corrected,
  • Achievements are displayed correctly at the story map,
  • Bug with terminal code fixed,
  • A problem with pressing ESC during the interactive objects connection is fixed,
  • Settings save now works correctly,
  • "To be continued" screen is improved,
  • Door holographic interface text is fixed,
  • The dialog with Monica and Zvi after the train is gone is fixed: we've removed some things controverting with game setting.
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