Kortenix Stilfreys

Kortenix Stilfreys

Kortenix Stilfreys is a sorcerer, former chancellor of the academy, uncle of Gustav and Nathan Stilfreys.

Kortenix is a smart, but cruel at heart person, though his cruelty is not that noticeable immediately. He is kind to his dear people. Kortenix is drawn to global things and projects, which affect the whole world, but in contrast to idealistic dreamers, he possesses the necessary means and resources to actually do it.

He tends to believe in the strength of individuals. One of his purposes in life is searching for people with potential, unnoticed by everyone except him.


Kortenix’ parents, Avril and Ford Stilfreys, were always considered outsiders by their relatives. They were not interested in politics and their family enrichment. They used to travel through the Kingdom with a loyal entourage, stopping in big and small towns but never settling there. When Avril was pregnant, the couple made a trip to the northern border of the country. In 1537 in the city of Nadelheim (known as Kinsoku in the age of protoprimals) a boy was born by the name of Kortenix.

After his birth the family stayed in Nadelheim for a while, for Kortenix was feeble and it was not possible for him to survive the nomadic life of his parents. Four years later Jurgen Stilfreys, his brother, was born. Five years hence, the family took another journey around the country, this time they were forced to. Another Decade ended and Nadelheim was facing the threat of the protoprimals’ army. The family moved near Misvit.

Back then, Stilfreys were not members of The High Council yet. Their swift ascension and especially military coup were matters of the future still. However, in 1550 on the family convention they already began preparing the Stilfreys’ game – a global plan for gathering family’s power and influence. Jurgen Stilfeys, in view of his young age, was sent to the capital to study in private school and prepare for a political career. His parents had to go with him. Self-willed Kortenix, whose presence could’ve had a negative impact on Jurgen, received a letter from the family patriarch and was enrolled at a magical island academy, better known as The Eye.

In 1556 Kortenix graduated with honors from the Academy and decided to follow his parents’ steps and take a journey around the country. In 1557 he reached his hometown, Nadelheim, which was already taken by the protoprimals by then. Kortenix was captured and had to serve in the relic depository at the court of one of the Carvo princes for seven years. The ruler decided that the foreigner mage was too valuable, so he kept him close.

Being a prisoner influenced Kortenix greatly – his ideals were broken, he lost his youthful naivety, but was able to stay strong. He studied Carvo’s morals and customs thoroughly, obtained knowledge of their magical disciplines, made a list of all the artifacts in the princedom. Since the first day, he was preparing an escape plan, which was quite peculiar. He mastered the protoprimals’ language and gained access to document cabinet, where the information about the depository employees was contained. Kortenix found his file and was adjusting it daily, turning the slavery contract into a legal contract. His fraud was successful: in September 1564 Kortenix Stilfreys left the lands of Carvo and returned to the Kingdom.

By that time, Stilfreys settled in the capital, their «game» began. Kortenix became the rector in the Academy, even though that was more of a formality. He was more interested in trips to the lands of Carvo, where with the help of his knowledge gained in the depository he had been stealing protoprimals’ magical artefacts.

Kortenix hadn’t had a chance to settle down because of his travels and constant knowledge-seeking. In 1585 he stayed in one of the Stilfreys’ towns, where he taught his nephew Gustav Carvo language by the agreement with his brother. They were not able to develop a solid relationship: Gustav acted friendly but cold and condescendingly, while Kortenix was trying gain his nephew’s favour by any means…

Did you know that...

  • In «Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade» you can call Kortenix and even reach him!
  • You will meet Kortenix in «Leviathan: The Cargo», and his nephew is going to be one of the main characters.
  • One of the characters from «Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade» stole protoprimals' artifact from Kortenix… We wonder who that might be?