The family of Lautners was first mentioned in 903. There was no clan at that point: no Lautners’ shops all over the country, no ice eagle referring the small ridge in Landster mountains on the emblem. Even the name Lautner was just a self-appellation of one of the branches of ancient family of Acrey, whose descendants inherited the «King’s blood». And not only blood…

Born too soon

Malvin Acrey was nor the one to be called «a promising young man», neither the one to make his parents proud. His father, Thaldas, was a man full of superstitions and prejudices; he had a clear vision of what he wanted his children to become. He had five sons and Malvin was the only one not matching his expectations.

He was born almost three weeks earlier than expected, in December 882. The winter that year was fierce and moist, with gusty wind and heavy wet snow. One cold night in the outhouse where Alisha Acrey, Thaldas’ oldest wife, was sleeping, the roof fell in and a block of ice crushed poor woman’s head. In spite of the terrifying noise, the servants were not quick enough. Nevertheless, they managed to extract cold but still breathing infant from his mother’s stiff corpse…

Like many premature infants, Malvin grew feeble and disproportionate. Furthermore, he began losing hair at a young age. Family doctor could only shrug, having written his physical disabilities off to premature birth. He did not even realize what skills this boy possessed.

Family business

Acrey were a clan of aristocrats, typical for that period of Leviathan’s history. They made a fortune by taking tall and protecting trade routes. They had a manor in Landster mountains. The manor was blocking the main road used by merchant caravans. Acrey also had other outposts on less important, but still profitable routes. Thaldas was no stranger to robberies. Once or twice a week he and his sons put on masks and hoods and set off to mountain roads bypassing the outposts. They would then rob merchants trying to avoid paying tribute for money and goods.

One of these days, while the family was discussing another raid, Malvin had a vision: two of his brothers were hacked to pieces by some mercenaries. He told his father about it, but Thaldas took the threat lightly…

That raid went exactly the way Malvin predicted. Two of his brothers died, Thaldas and his three other sons were able to escape. It destroyed their father-son relationship: superstitious Thaldas accused Malvin in his sons’ deaths and casted him out, cutting him out of his will and name. Thus, at the age of 21 Malvin Acrey became penniless. Fearing his father’s rage, he left Landster mountains hastily and went west, to Kroistham.

Many centuries later, when main trade routes of Leviathan will disappear from Landster mountains and Acrey will become so impoverished, that they’ll have to resort to go begging, Lautners will reacquire and rebuild their castle, keeping only its name - «Eagle nest».

The gift & the glory

It was a long way to the capital and Acrey family outcast had time to think it all over and realize the nature of his gift. He was not able to predict the future, but when someone suggested a plan, which would lead to the death of one of its participants, Malvin could feel it… Having arrived to Kroistham, young Lautner became acquainted with Adelsteins, who had been dealing with magic for quite some time. That was the right decision: Tim Adelstein, family patriarch at the time, appreciated young man’s gift and conciliated him.

It was his health that prevented his rise to power, in the year 905 it began to deteriorate. Malvin’s journey was scarcely over, but he gave life to a new clan, feeling the approach of his death. Under the Adelsteins’ pressure Malvin Lautner impregnated four women, who then gave birth to twelve children. At least two of those children happened to be the bearers of the gift. In 909 Malvin Lautner died, leaving descendants, whose strange abilities became the focus of everyone’s attention…

Many centuries later, the descendants of some unknown clan became the family they are now. They are one of the five major families that rule Leviathan and its nations. Years will pass before Lautners become such a dominant power. They will go down in history as successful politicians and entrepreneurs. They will hire chronographers to erase the true story of their origin from most of the books. Everyone but Lautners themselves are going to forget about the gift Malvin gave to his descendants.